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Do you sell items by the pallet?

Yes! We specialize in selling pallets of all kinds of quality merchandise. Stop by our warehouse and see what’s in stock now!

Do you sell items by the truckloads?

Yes! We sell full truckloads to help you save even MORE money! Our largest inventory is name brand tools and home improvement equipment. Email us to find out how much you can save by buying a truckload of quality merchandise for your small business.

What Type of Inventory Do You Sell?

We sell ALL Home Improvement items like Hand tools, Outdoor tools, Lighting, Flooring, and MUCH MORE!

Is the Inventory You Sell New Items or Returned Merchandise?

We sell mixed wholesale pallets and truckloads of new products, customer returns, liquidation lots, and overstock inventory.

How do I place an order?

All of our orders are done in person at any of our warehouses, in order to protect our customers from scams. We do NOT sell over the phone or on our website, only inside our warehouses.

Can I Order Over the Phone or On Your Website?

In order to protect our customer from scams (which are rampant in this industry) we ONLY allow sales inside our warehouses. We NEVER take your payment information over the phone or online to make sure that you stay protected.

How Do I Pay?

We have several payment options for our customers! You can pay by wire transfer, cash, Zelle, or credit/debit cards (3% transaction fee added for all cards).

Do You Provide Shipping?

We do not ship single pallets but we give all customers the right to arrange their own shipping after purchase. For truckloads we can arrange shipping and give a quote through our freight broker or you can arrange your own freight as well.

Do You Offer a Warranty or Guarantee on Your Inventory?

All inventory is sold as-is, however we have a thorough testing process of all gas-powered tools to ensure you are getting quality merchandise. We have integrity at Half Off and we aim to always sell the highest quality pallets and truckloads possible.

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