NEW! High-End Fashion MYSTERY Box

Original price was: $3,000.00.Current price is: $370.00.

Introducing the ultimate surprise for fashion lovers – our Fashion Mystery Box! Each box is carefully curated with a mix of trendy and classic pieces, perfect for updating your wardrobe or trying out new styles. No two boxes are the same, making it a fun and exciting experience every time. From clothing to accessories, our Fashion Mystery Box has something for everyone. Treat yourself or surprise a fashion-loving friend with this must-have box. Get ready to unravel the fashion mystery and elevate your style game!


  • Mix of HIGH-END¬†branded apparel
  • Current mix of brands included:¬†
    • Kate Spade
    • Polo Ralph Lauren
    • Club Monaco
    • Marc Jacobs
  • Product Condition:¬†New with tags, New without tags, New with tags cut or crossed out.¬†¬†
  • Type of Clothing Often Included:¬†tops, dresses, skirts, rompers, shorts, jeans, pants, jackets, shirts, coasts and more.
  • Mix:¬†Womens/Mens
  • Current Seasons Available:¬†Mix of Seasons. The change of seasons during the year may often bring a change to which seasons are most likely to be included in your lot.¬†
  • Box consists of 20¬†items¬†with good mix of¬†each of the brands mentioned
  • Retail value¬†per item: $30 to $500¬†or more!
  • Your COST = $18.50 per item¬†
  • In some¬†cases, you may find one¬†item that will pay for the whole box!!
  • Pictures here are for illustration purposes showing items found in these boxes. There is no guarantee you will get any specific items in your boxes, but you will get a lot of interesting items, for sure…
  • Once you buy one, you will want to buy them over and over…¬†
  • SHIPPING NOTICE:¬†Due to VERY HIGH DEMAND¬†orders could take longer than usual to be fulfilled.¬†Shipping¬†time¬†is averages 5-7¬†business days.¬†

Pros & Cons of Buying a Fashion Mystery Box

Quicklotz High-End Fashion mystery boxes offer a variety of clothing items at a discounted price, which can be a pro for those looking to source their merchandise for resale for a bargain. However, since the items are sourced from liquidated inventory, there is a possibility that the clothing may be discontinued, not very popular, or missing tags.

The resale of this type of liquidation merchandise requires work and effort to find the best channels to profit the most out of the sales. We have thousands of customers across the country that buy these boxes and come back for more weekly. Fashion Mystery Box


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